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LG Wise - Nu Breed

L.G. Wise

Nu Breed

L.G. Wise - Me vs Industry

L.G. Wise

Me vs Industry

L.G. Wise - Never Alone

L.G. Wise

Never Alone

Various Artists - Where R They Now

Various Artists

Where R They Now

G-Rod - Suffer The Reign


Suffer The Reign

Future - The Takeover


The Takeover

about L.G. Wise

L.G. Wise was born in Belhaven, North Carolina. However, he spent most of his life in Brooklyn, N.Y. His mother gave birth to him at the young age of 14, and his father (a married man) left them after L.G. Wise celebrated his second birthday. With only a sixth grade education and a two-year-old to support, his mother turned to illegal activities to make life a little "easier."

After months of frustration, she was still unable to care for her young child. L.G. Wise's grandmother stepped in and raised him along with her children and other grandchildren.

Throughout L.G. Wise's childhood, he never had proper guidance. He soon turned to the streets for everything he lacked at home. At age eleven, he met some local gang members who took him in as a younger brother. L. G. Wise was the youngest of the bunch and was adopted by the gang members (all of which were 21 years old and up). L.G. Wise began robbing and dope dealing. Because of his reckless lifestyle his only reward became many nights in jail.

While in jail, Marvel began to rethink his life. He knew he had to find a better way; a way to live a prosperous, fruitful life-without crime.

"Man I knew that if I continued down that path I would meet a quick death," says L.G. Wise. "I knew there had to be a better way."

In 1992, Marvel moved to Florida to escape the negative influences in his life. In Florida, he did find a better way. Prompted to attend True Bread Worship Center, he came face to face with Jesus Christ through the anointed preaching of Pastor Carl Branker. He soon met and married his wife who encouraged him to help others. Immediately, God began using L.G. Wise to reach gangsters. He had a true hunger for souls. God showed L.G. Wise a nation of youth led to destruction by worldly rappers. God anointed him to minister through rap music. The lord shared with L.G. Wise that thousands will hear and be saved.

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